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Flotation Machinery

Flotation Machinery

Flotation Machinery

Flotation machine, is the completion of the flotation process of mechanical equipment.In a flotation machine, the slurry, which has been treated with an agent, is mixed and inflated so that some ore particles are selectively fixed to bubbles;Floating on the surface of the pulp, it is scraped off to form a foam product, and the rest remains in the pulp for the purpose of mineral separation.
Applications: The machine can be used to separate nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, noble metal, nonmetallic mine, chemical material and recycle mine.

Working Principles

when the impeller is rotating, the flotation tank is driven by the motor triangle alternative transmission device. On the one hand, enough air is mixed with the mud; on the other hand, the mud mixed with drugs is stirred while mixing with the mud to make the adhesive above the mineral foam.Adjusting the height of the gate and controlling the liquid level is a useful method to remove the foam scraper.

Learn More About Liming Flotation Machinery

1.The slurry bearing box of the flotation machine is composed of a box welded with steel plates and a gate welded with steel rods.
2.The flotation machine or the mixing device of the flotation machine is composed of a pulley, a impeller and a vertical shaft for mixing slurry to prevent the mineral sand from settling in the tank.
3.The aerator consists of a number of intake pipes which blow air towards the mineral and cause it to form bubble clusters.
4.The bubble forming device of the flotation tank and flotation separator mainly squeezes the foam on the tank surface. The reducer of the device is driven by the motor to drive the scraper work of the copper mine flotation machine.

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